ImageIt is Easter, and a snowstorm outside has once again blanketed us in snow. It won’t last, but it still gives me the urge to just SEE colour other than white. So here is a blast of colour from last summer, one of the calendula that keep popping up in our garden every year, reseeding itself and growing bigger and more beautiful than anything has a right to. The photo is by Dan.

We decided to build a little Etsy shop as yet another creative outlet for us. It pushes us to continue to find the beauty in every day, so we can capture it on “film” or at least digitally. We have called it The Old Russet House.

It is a wee bit hard to believe, but I planted our cold frame the day before yesterday, with rocket, radishes, spinach, carrots and broccoli greens. The cold frame is buried now, but underneath the snow the thermometer says it is five degrees celsius. Maybe, just maybe, those seeds will muster enough strength to sprout. I crave green.


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