Our $4 cold frame

This rocks. I feel like a real back-to-the-lander now.

The Educated Woodsman


Just finished installing our first attempt at a cold frame. We built it with left over wood, miscellaneous hardware, and a window we found covered in dust in a back corner of the basement that we used to call our Blair Witch room (it was just creepy). The only materials I had to buy were the four pieces of wood for the window frame that I paid $4 for at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Summerside. I couldn’t find four pieces that fit in all my other wood.

It is about 30 inches by 44 inches – almost nine square feet of inside space – 18 inches high at the back, about 11 at the front. It’s cold inside and outside the frame today. We’ll see how quickly the soil warms; we are eager to plant and get a jump on the season. I’ll post photos of our progress. With…

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3 thoughts on “Our $4 cold frame

    • Stephenie says:

      Wellllll, it is totally an experiment, not sure what to plant but we did put in green onions, some greens, and will do spinach, rocket and radishes this week. We had to wait for last week’s blizzard to blow by and melt!

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