The line of laundry...and bears.

First speck of green in the yard...the primula.


And a wee bit of purple from the columbine.

The true sign of spring...Taz comes out to bask.

So many things to love about today.

I could let the pictures do all the talking, but I am always full of words waiting to get out.

The sun shone all day long, and the girls ran around in their bare feet, giggling and screaming, getting muddy and filling up on warmth after the winter’s end.

Raking the flower beds, which never really got properly put to bed for the winter. And, in removing all the dead leaves and vines, I uncover new growth. Green is always so much more brilliant and enchanting when you have not seen it in a while.

Smelling raisin bread baking, cinnamony warmth greeting us at the door. Eating it outside in the sun.

Having finished the second of two really good reads in a row. I don’t remember when last that happened.ย The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I gulped in the course of two days. I wonder if I could be Katniss Everdeen, and I hope my girls will be more like her than like Bella Swan. OH, yes, just finished Winter Bloom by Tara Heavey, also very satisfying.

Thinking of what we are going to grow in our very first cold frame. Some radishes, greens, maybe green onions? Wishing we could get it built and planted NOW.

Feeling glad to be working out of doors!

Feeling the urge to pull out the lawn furniture, the bikes, the sun umbrella, but just managing to rein it in. It is still March in Prince Edward Island, after all, and snow is not quite a thing of the past. But it certainly isn’t here today.

Tomorrow is meant to be even warmer, and we will soak up every minute of it.

Feeling grateful today. Beauty is everywhere, to give our minds a place to rest.

My youngest is using the word “hate” a lot lately, as in “I hate potatoes,” and “I HATE that book!” Today I heard her older sister saying to her, “You know, Ava, you shouldn’t talk so much about hate because then you just hate more and more.”

Wow. The wisdom of seven-year-olds, another reason to love this day.





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