The short-lived tidy


I tackled the challenge head-on. I really did! Simple Mom’s Project Simplify inspires me to take on some of the clutter that is slowly taking over our house. First week’s challenge: kid’s stuff. OH, have we got kid’s stuff. Anyhow, I won’t show pictures of what I threw out, on the  grounds that I may incriminate myself with my daughters with that evidence, but suffice to say that all fast-food toys, broken and otherwise useless items have found their way OUT.

The playroom looked fantastic, despite Ava’s horror movie scream when she realized I had cleaned up. The shelves are somewhat organized, and the room looked this way for approximately five minutes. Now it is back to its usual state of chaos, and you know what? I am totally okay with that.


3 thoughts on “The short-lived tidy

  1. Heather says:

    Yes! That was my experience as well. As soon as I had their little basket of toys all together my son dumped the whole thing on the floor. I’m surprised I got an after picture 🙂 Perhaps I need to try this de-cluttering thing with no kids in the house…although I might instead decide to sit down and bask in the quiet with a glass of wine if that happened! Great job!

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