Right now is beautiful


The sun is up, kind of. The sky is blue, and everyone else has just left for the day. Earlier this morning I was thinking about summertime, places we will go and campfires we will have, swimming in the ocean and camping under the stars. Always at this time of year I pine for the warmth of the sun and seeing green things growing in the garden.

As I get caught up in this fair-weather reverie, I catch myself and take a deep, conscious breath. I hear the girls’ voices, chattering in their bedroom about what fancy clothes they might put on this morning. I hear a bird outside singing “cheeseburger, cheeseburger.” I think it is a chickadee, and for some reason I always think it sounds like they are calling for a burger. I have had a good breakfast, and I am thinking of making some coffee. And it strikes me that for all my work on being mindful, I have still not gotten out of the habit of daydreaming about the time other than THIS time. It is something we all do, of course, but sometimes it keeps me from enjoying the time I am actually in, with all this daydreaming and reminiscing.

So, what is good about this particular time? Beautiful light outside, and the days are already getting longer. Right now the sun is lighting the underside of the clouds so that it is silver-glowing. On the more practical side, it has been an easy winter so far, both on snowfall and on the heating bill, especially compared to last year’s mega-winter. My family is healthy, and happy. We all have a healthy lunch packed. I got a $179 LL Bean trench coat at Frenchy’s yesterday for only $5. Ava and I made a beautiful batch of heart-shaped biscuits which taste absolutely heavenly with quince jelly.


At this moment, the sun is beaming in the big window onto me and my desk, and if I turn my face towards it and close my eyes, I feel its warmth. The cat is purring blissfully and settling in for a sunshine-spot nap.

Is all this stuff just “stuff?” Or is this what life is all about? Not quite sure, but I know writing it down makes it all seem like it is truly a beautiful day.



7 thoughts on “Right now is beautiful

  1. Aunt B says:

    I am starting an 8 week course this Wed. evening on Mindfulness. It is not an easy feat, staying in the moment, however, it is very rewarding. As you say we see things that we are meant to see things that might otherwise be overlooked. Your appreciation for your life rings out in your writing and that is refreshing to see in a young person. It is easy to get caught up in all the things we want and forgetting to be grateful for all the things we have. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics and thoughts I love reading them. Have a wonderful day. Your Uncle Mike and I are on our way to the woods for a good trek on our snowshoes. Hugs your Aunt B

  2. Dan says:

    The biscuits were yummy. And Ava was very proud to have helped make them. It is a lovely day today, and it sometimes we have to remind ourselves to be aware of that. Thanks for the positive post!

  3. Mom says:

    Thanks Steph, You have always had a wonderful way with words. Love to read your blogs. I have always enjoyed what some folks would call the “small things in life”, the sun, flowers, snow, birds etc. They bring us to a peaceful place. But been home these past two years have really proved to me it is those things that mean the most. I remember walking and skiing with Grammy and she would go so fast. I would say, Mom slow down and smell the roses. She would laugh and keep on going.
    Enjoy your peaceful day!!! Keep blogging!!!

  4. awakeshawn says:

    I agree that writing things down makes life more meaningful, more spiritual — at least that is the case for me. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely! And your biscuits make me hungry!

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