Montebello, Quebec by Steph

So here I sit, cup of tension tamer tea by my side (thanks for getting me hooked on that, Lilah), thinking about stuff and wondering what might warrant a blog post today, and I remind myself of why I started doing this blog jobby thing in the first place. Creative outlet, get one, I thought. I got the page in May but didn’t write a word until November. Probably I was wasting my online time on facebook. So today I am checking out the new timeline thing on that mother of all social networks, and wondering how it works and why it needs to be that way.

Is it the new way of recording our lives? It is a little weird and strangely compelling, because let us admit it, we all LOVE to revisit the past if for no better reason than to remind ourselves that we said some pretty dumb/vapid/funny things on the network. Imagine if facebook had existed in the ’90s…I shudder to think of what I would have posted. The timeline would be SO much more fascinating if it reached back that far.

Here would be a sample post from me in 1992:

“Just bought the most GORGEOUS pirate blouse and suede skirt. Now downing my fifth vodka and orange and we are OUTTA HERE to the Cosmo! See ya there, y’all!”

Which for some reason leads me to think of my 20-year-old self (yes, indeed, I am turning 40 this year) and to reflect on that which I have learned in 20 years of being an adult. Good heavens, is that what Mark Zuckerberg intended all along with the timeline? What a terribly smart guy. Anyhow, here are a few landmark discoveries, recorded for all eternity on this, yet another social network.

1. Children are actually pretty cool. I even like ones other than my own. So when I was 20 and said children were “devil’s spawn,” that was really not true.

2. Money should be spent on food, rent, and electricity. Not alcohol and pirate blouses.

3. My body is actually really okay. And it does amazing things. Okay, so I still can’t wear leggings, but really, no one should.

4. I don’t need a man to make me happy. I just need the RIGHT man with whom I am happy.

5. Negative really does attract negative. So when you spend a lot of time randomly criticizing other people’s hair, clothing, teeth, eyeliner, or life choices, it makes you feel rotten inside.

6. A Bachelor of Arts degree really DOESN’T mean much. But I really enjoyed getting it.

7. Being a parent is hard. And wonderful. And baffling.

8. Patience can be learned. Just repeat these words “Deep within me there is a well of peacefulness that cannot be disturbed.” Or go into the bedroom, stick your face in a pillow and scream. Or, do both for good measure.

9. Life is short.

That is just nine things! If I didn’t need another cup of tea I would keep going, especially since I was a 20-year-old (and a 30-year-old) who needed to learn a lot of things and I was quite a slow learner. Anyhow, thanks, Mark Zuckerberg, for giving me timeline so I could reflect on my life. What would we do without you?







3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. patricia macdonald says:

    I would perhaps amend number two: money should FIRST be spent on food, rent, and electricity. THEN on alcohol and pirate blouses.

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