The sun is shining

Another glorious fall day on the Island, and I find myself feeling very nest-y these days. Anyone who knows me well will know that I am not particularly crafty, although I did manage to learn knitting well enough to make a dishcloth about seven years ago. But for some reason fall makes me feel like anything is possible. It must be the crisp clear air pumping more oxygen to my brain or something but I am imagining knitting a sweater. I know, that is shockingly ambitious so perhaps I might be better prepared to start with a simple scarf, something straight and forgiving. I even went so far as to BUY knitting needles, bright shiny turquoise ones that I thought would inspire me. Now if only I can recall how to cast on stitches…sigh.

This year we are trying the whole simple Christmas idea once again. Funny how that always seems to happen when finances are tight. Coincidence?? Possibly not. But I am seeking ideas for homemade, repurposed or recycled gift ideas, and I have to admit it is really FUN. I mean, it makes everything strangely simple and even freeing somehow, knowing that we have no extra money, so we aren’t going to spend it. Why didn’t we think of that before? We could have been pretending all along we didn’t have any money and then we wouldn’t have spent any. We’d have millions in the bank! Okay, probably not millions.

So, if anyone out there has thoughts on frugal Christmas, I am SO in the market for good ideas. I want gifts that people will LOVE. Not, of course, gifts that people will look at and say “Oh, yeah, must be one those Christmases where they didn’t have any money for gifts, great.”

I promise I won’t give you a knitted dishcloth.


2 thoughts on “The sun is shining

  1. Patricia MacDonald says:

    Make salsa and pickles and give them as gifts. Biscotti tied up in parchment, homemade candy, hot chocolate powder, etc. Knitted dishcloths are AWESOME.

  2. Bean says:

    i think i am the only person not in love with the knitted dishcloth!

    I remember a chocolate zucchini loaf once, that was awesome!

    dont do the dried bean soup mix – no one ever makes it.;)

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