And then all the animals had to say good night.

Bedtimes are always a challenge, despite all of our best intentions to be mindful, be patient, be kind and loving and patient (did I mention patient?) and filled with good humour. Somehow it all goes sideways when someone does not want to brush her teeth, or someone else says she has to go to the bathroom again although she just went five minutes ago. But when all is settling down, one little voice says “Mama, you didn’t say goodnight to my animals!” I have to go back in, tuck them all beside sweet Ava and give them kisses, too. Then she does little pretend animal voices each saying “Goodnight, Mama, goodnight.” And all my impatience melts away. I take a deep breath and just soak it in, this brief moment in the busy day. I remember that these days are short, that already she has grown and changed, and that no matter how many times I take pictures of her sweetly sleeping, I can never recapture the deep, dreamy peace of these night times.


2 thoughts on “And then all the animals had to say good night.

  1. Patricia MacDonald says:

    I sometimes forget, in the heat of the moment, getting ready for school (late) in the morning, that they are still so little, and innocent. I get so aggravated for 10 minutes and then he leaves the car, gets his backpack on, and blows me a kiss, and I think, “enjoy this moment, because he won’t always be blowing you kisses and saying ‘I love you Mom’ in front of his buddies.” Great blog, Steph – I think we need to read about moments like these – the good and the bad.

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